1 Whence the Diehards?

2 Which Park witnessed disasters costing 25 and 66 lives?

3 Where, after 150 years, do they continue “to play for the sake of playing”?

4 Where did the repeated administration of Antimony lead to a public execution on the Green?

5 Where does a great patriot stand above the inscription “There shall be a Scottish Parliament”?

6 What, according to Fairservice, had nane o’ yere whig-maleeries and curliewurlies and open-steek hems about it?

7 Where can the surrealist’s depiction of the crucified Christ be seen floating high above Port Lligat?

8 Where does the eponymous tower commemorate the designer of former newspaper offices?

9 Where did Mussa Ali transmit the fatal virus to Nurse Wilson?

10 Which noted pantomime venue is Dasypodine?


1 the Gorbals Diehards a kids gang in John Buchan’s Huntingtower. The (first of the) annual Buchan question(s) [Mark M]

2 Ibrox Park [Mark S]

3 Hampden Park. Queen’s Park team motto is “Ludere Causa Ludendi” [HARDTOGETHITS/Enitharmon]

4 This appears to be Sauchiehall Street. The poisoner Dr Edward Pritchard [Enitharmon] had resided at Berkeley Street, but (according to wikipedia) the poisonings were at a later address after the previous house burned down.

5 The statue of Donald Dewar at the top of Buchanan St [DrT/ByeByePride]

6 Frank Osbaldistone in reported speech says Fairservice describes Glasgow Cathedral thus in “Rob Roy” [DrT/bbp]

7 Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (Salvador Dali’s ‘Christ of St John of the Cross’, [Enitharmon] Limmy’s guide to post-apocalypse survival at the KAGM 

8 Mitchell Lane https://www.glasgowmackintosh.com/attraction/the-lighthouse “… housed in the former Glasgow Herald building” [Enitharmon]

9 Knightswood Fever Hospital (Catherine Wilson was the last person to die from smallpox in Scotland, 1950) [Enitharmon] Some google book evidence

10 The Clyde Auditorium, officially now the SEC Armadillo! I know I guessed this – oo, an animal obscure enough that we don’t immediately recognise the Latin adjective, and a performance space in the Glasgow area, hmmm :-) However definite credit to: [Enitharmon]