The Youth Of Today are a mysterious bunch, and often their movements and motivations are perplexing to the previous generation. Luckily help is at hand! Our friends at Digital Spy are doing a sterling job of keeping track of teenage* movements and bringing important events to our attention. Here is a quick round-up – think of it as an exclusive glimpse into the everyday lives of young celebrities:

Jonas Brothers “get trapped in a lift”
Justin Bieber “walks into door”
Miley Cyrus “stuck on Victoria line due to passenger action”
Ashlee Simpson “steps on rake”
Paris Hilton “oversleeps”.
Lindsay Lohan “[redacted]”
Pixie Lott “turns round too quickly when holding plank and hits Daisy Dares You”
Chipmunk “lost pound coin through gap in floorboard”
Tinchy Stryder “accidentally wees on own shoes”
Ellie Goulding “missed connection at Clapham Junction, must wait 17 mins for next train”
Demi Lovato “bangs head on open cupboard door”
Soulja Boy “moves sideways and falls into open manhole cover”
R-Patz “held up by ticket barrier telling him to SEEK ASSISTANCE”
Tinie Tempah “can’t find a pair of matching socks” (possibly due to leaving said socks at aunt’s house)
Alexandra Burke “loses internet connection while buying festival tickets”
Ortise from JLS “cannot find old 99 Problems thread on FT”
JC Chasez “left Oystercard in other jacket”
Usher “runs into outstretched frying pan while chasing mouse”
Rihanna told “you’re not going out dressed like that” by mother
Ke$ha “draws excellent giraffe”

*Includes celebrities clearly old enough to know better.