Can it be that this is the last of our Quarter Finals? So Soon? After this, just four games left in the PWC, and one of those is the third place play-off. We are moving so quickly towards the end of this particular road, and here in the commentary box we are enjoying the ride. Two teams who’ve weaved a mazy path through the tournament meet today to battle for the right to progress. On one hand, Weston Debevec’s Cameroon, stronger and stronger as the tournament progresses, the manager’s teamtalks drawing attention (and pressure) away from his consistently fine team. On the other, Alberto’s Spain team, perhaps as flexible as any in the whole PWC: there’s no way of knowing what formation will turn up on the day. Onwards!

This match closes at midnight on Thursday 27th May

CAMEROON: Eko – “Kilimanjaro My Home” The Manager Says: “The heavens moved at one hundred and twenty five bpm. Techno is everything that is potential, and it is everything that is cyclical, and it is everything that is mystical, and it is everything that is ritualistic. Techno is a religion and also an atheism. Techno is a Zen, it is a Tao, it is a mantra, it is a sutra. It’s a litany about everything and nothing in the transcendent. Techno tells people about things. It tells people all about themselves, all about their place in nature. Techno shows us that words are less than everything. Techno is what is outside the text. Techno is beyond the end of history. Techno. Techno. Techno. Techno. Techno is as empty as anything else. Techno looks back at the panopticon and gives it the finger. Techno is an incredulity towards meta-musics. Techno. Techno is the cultural logic of late nights. Techno is finding the key to the cage but refusing to break yourself out. Techno is just music. Dare to techno.”

SPAIN: La Mala Rodriguez – “Nanai” The Manager Says: “After failing to get out of the group in the Euros two years ago, beating CIV and reaching is a huge success for us and back home the fans filled the streets in celebration.

Here in South Africa however, we are completely focused on our next match against Cameroon (no comment therefore on the rumors linking me to the soon-to-be vacant Real Madrid job. I am honored of course, but my priorities are now with the national side).

For the quarter final we will switch to a hip-hop formation led by La Mala Rodriguez. We are confident that the flamenco flavored rap, honed with the likes of Akon, SFDK, Nelly Furtado and Julieta Venegas, in “Nanai” (loosely translated as “nuh-uh”) will help us reach the semi-final.”

Quarter Final 4: which track do you prefer?[ballot]

  • CAMEROON: Eko 58%
  • SPAIN: La Mala Rodriguez 42%

Total Voters: 55

Poll closes: 27 May 2010 @ 23:59

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Commentary Box Analysis We can’t believe we’ve fallen for it again, but once more the Cameroon manager has thrown us off-balance with his pre-match talk: here’s us expecting some Afrotechno monster and his team organises itself into a really slinky Afrofunk formation. Spain show yet more flexibility and hit us with an unfamiliar hip-hop style. We’ve come to expect games as strong as this at this stage, the win will depend on whose wingers can make it to be byline and whip those hard crosses into our heads.

Coming up From here, the semi finals, which start the week after next (check the minisite for the schedule, if you haven’t already). From there, the ultimate world pop prize.