A must-win match for Denmark here, although given the popularity of all of the African teams so far, they may be facing an uphill battle against a Cameroon side looking to enhance their chances of getting through to the later stages.

Voting on this match finishes at midnight on the 29th March.

CAMEROON: Ntoumba – “Sexy Makero” The Manager Says “On the south facing wall I have a lot of photographs of horses that I have cut out of library books. The whole wall is covered in these horses. The books I borrowed from the libraries in Sutton Coldfield over a period of several months. Not all of them were specifically to do with horses, though I rinsed the horse section early on. Mostly they just happened to have pictures of horses in them, for example a child’s book about a man who rides a horse. Recently, having registered a new library card under a pseudonym (remarkably simple given the frankly antiquated system), I have been going to Mere Green library and complaining to the staff there about their corrupted and inadequate stock. Look, you chiefs, I say to them, all I wanted was a book with a photograph of a horse in it. That’s all I wanted. This book, I say, appears to have had photographs of horses in it, but they have all been removed. What do you have to say about that? These charlatan librarians, these philistines, have so little of value to say that I won’t even waste time typing it out. Then I go home and look at all my photographs of horses and I have a bloody good laugh about it.

DENMARK The Raveonettes – “Breaking Into Cars” The Manager Says “After the trouncing we received in our opening fixture at the hands of Holland I have decided to change the entire starting 11. Much like the Little Mermaid which can be seen in our capital Copenhagen, football is a game of two halves and in our squad we have two styles. Last time we certainly embodied the fish half of this tenuous metaphor; flapping around on dry land. This time our play is smart and beautiful like the maid, and this will see us through to victory.”

Group E Match 4: Which track did you prefer? [ballot]

  • DENMARK - The Raveonettes 58%
  • CAMEROON - Ntoumba 42%

Total Voters: 52

Poll closes: 29 Mar 2010 @ 23:48

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Commentary Box Analysis Cameroon definitely playing for the full 90 minutes here, with a monster 6 minute track, they’ll be hopeful the good results for African teams continue here. Denmark have an interesting selection, last seen in the indie europa cup, will be interesting to see how the crowd take to it.

Result! Group C: England 2 Algeria 1: So-called “Groups of death” often seem to produce a series of cagey, unexciting matches, but not so this time. Algeria took the field brimming with confidence after their opening game victory but England tore into them with a sustained and high-tempo attack. It seemed all set for a 1-1 draw until a late goal for England won the game. Group C is now poised on a knife-edge. “This time the England manager has wisely left the grizzled veterans on the bench and encouraged the youngsters to spice things up with some tricky (sub)-continental moves.” “Massively cheered by the England comeback, but the Algerians might have the edge here. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a high-scoring draw.” “It looks as if group C is the GROUP OF BOSH :)” “I think the bhangra edges it, and its’ a clever formation we are unlikely to see from anyone else.” ”Algeria’s exciting play throughout and goalmouth bombardment around the halfway mark knocks the stuffing out of a youthful but somnambulant England side” “I like both tracks well enough, but I’m not sure the ALG one quite bears up under repeat listens whereas you’ve got to give ENG credit for their impressive turnaround in form.”

Coming Next Moving into group F we have Slovenia vs Paraguay, not one of the most highly anticipated ties, but there have been a lot of surprises so far, so who knows what the managers will have up their sleeves.