Crossing the mid-point of the second group round, if the Netherlands can get a win here a place in the last sixteen is within their grasp whilst Japan will hoping to build on their first game to push it just that little further to secure all three points.

Voting on this match finishes at midnight on the 28th March.

NETHERLANDS: Diggy Dex ft. Eva de Roovere – “Slaap Lekker (Fantastig Toch)” The Manager Says: Some controversy possible here as we have co-opted substitute Eva from Belgium, but it’s not like she had any chance of making it on the big stage with them, and main man Diggy (er… main man Dex?) is undoubtedly Dutch. After the cautious approach to the first game paid massive dividends we’re not quite going Total Pop but are playing in a way that’s clearly full of confidence and having a great time. The title means “Sleep Well” and beyond that… no idea.

JAPAN: Shugo Tokamaru – “Parachute” The Manager Says: After a tough first match, both me and the team know that a big performance is needed. This has come from the deployment of our secret star player Shugo Tokamaru, with support coming from the many supporting layers that can be found in his music. Shugo has the ability to lull the opposition into a false sense of security, but the chorus, catchy hooks, and upbeat nature will soon tire them out.

Group E Match 3: Which of the tracks did you prefer? [ballot]

  • NETHERLANDS - Diggy Dex 66%
  • JAPAN - Shugo Tokumaru 34%

Total Voters: 70

Poll closes: 28 Mar 2010 @ 23:58

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Commentary Box Analysis Is this euro-rap’s debut in the tournament so far? Nice work from Eva here, keeping the ball moving from back to front in midfield whilst Diggy is full of running up and down the wings. Japan, on the other hand, go for a much more intricate set-up, redolent of the Cornelius line-up of the early 00s, although they do seem to be singing about bra shoes… Nicely contrasting tracks, but which will get the crowd up on their feet?

RESULT! Slovenia 1 USA 1. Very very close here and slovenia just miss out on the win, their centre forward blazing over the bar when it looked easier to score. “The first track is unqualifiedly good and I’d be on the dance floor the whole eight minutes, the second has potential but leans precipitously into that unfortunate hipster area that mistakes randomness for energy and hooks”, “I’m another one who’s not feeling a great “Hello!” from the front line, and the Slovenes are both relentless and subtly varied” “I don’t think anyone can really match the Americans on this infectious form” “Tough luck for SLO – that was terrifically banging and this was possibly the best heat yet”

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