For those of you who bristle at the prospect of Bis week, let’s break you in gently with a band that isn’t Bis at all (but is in the blessed business of Bis). data Panik formed from the sherbet ashes of Bis in 2005, only releasing two singles before rematerialising phoenix-style into two-dimensional animated versions of their original sugary selves. Short and sweet!

Here’s ‘Cubis (I Love You)’: a rollicking jumble of disco punk recorded in Trevor Horn’s garden shed*. Manda and the boys are as confused as we are regarding their affection for the schoolmarmish lass from the Special K advert.

data Panik – Cubis (I Love You)

In true ‘Two Tribes’ style there is an extended bosh mix here.

Coming up: what are BIS’s favourite BIScuits?

*Citation needed.