The self publishing revolution was of course started by Bis in the 1990s with their Teen-C fanzines, so it’s only fair that we go back in time to 1997 and ask them their opinions on today’s rumoured launch of the Apple Tablet which seems set to transform modern day publishing in a similar way by selling loads of ebooks. Take it away, secret vampires!*

Sci-Fi Steve: “Obviously this is a major launch for Apple and should please the tech pundits. But I’m a little worried about the tablet’s robustness. What if I was holding one and wanted to jump excitedly up and down to the sounds of the Kandy Pop revolution? Might it not break?”

Manda Rin: “For a fanzine publisher this is a big step forward, however much depends on whether Apple will pursue the more open-access policy of iTunes or the heavily filtered content offering of the App Store. And how the screen reacts to glitter and shiny star stickers obviously.”

John Disco: “Tablet! Och, my favourite! Apple flavoured? Amazing! Oh, it’s a computer you say.”

*these are not real quotes from the actual Bis. they were made up by us. trigger legal dept.