Chicgoodtimes What exactly are good times, according to Chic? The lyrics refer to jitterbugging being involved, but it’s hard to believe many people on the dancefloor actually jitterbug to it (past tense of jitterbug: jatterbug?). The jitterbug isn’t a hard dance but its hand-round-the-waist 50s style of partnered-up bopping is light years away from what disco invented: full-fledged, individualistic yet en masse booty shaking, preferably until way past a reasonable hour. This is the new state of mind that Chic is talking about. Don’t be a drag, participate. And then:

Clams on the half shell, and roller skates. Roller skates!

Possibly the greatest image ever conjured in song.

You can’t beatmatch “Good Times” because it’s played by a band rather than locked into a computerized timeline. This is infuriating for DJs but serves as a kind of protective bubble when played in a nightclub – the song basically gets played from beginning to end without too much funny business in between. If you’re attentive and know the song well, however, you can mix an acapella rap over the long instrumental breakdown (warning: most raps will be too slow!). It’s complicated though, due to the aforementioned BPM wibbling; far easier to just get a friend to rap over it instead.

Hmm I get the feeling someone’s done that already.

p.s. I have always loved the juxtaposition of Chic dressed up in heavy winter coats with the words “Warm Summer Night” emblazoned below them.. Hot, baby.