We’re back, and we’ve taken advantage of the unscheduled interruption to improve the site a bit.

Here’s what you might notice:

– a streamlined new design: still pink, but a bit less garish and using the space we’ve got rather better.
– a shoutbox on the front page so you can…do whatever you do with a shoutbox. We’ll work something out!
– more user-friendly contact details, including a link to our Twitter account, which I’ve reactivated and we’ll be using for a variety of nefarious purposes as and when we think of them.

Here’s what you might not:

– we’re now hosted by Positive Internet, which means we’ll have a stable server and tip-top customer service. Thanks go to our long-suffering old server and hosts!
-this means we face the harsh commercial realities of bandwidth limitations, so a lot of the MP3s have vanished from old posts. We’ll be prioritising the original content we produce – the Lollards and Slug Of Time shows and other secret upcoming stuff.
– and speaking of Lollards, it also is backbackBACK on Saturday 7th at 2.30 PM on Resonance 104.4FM: check back here on Sunday if you can’t catch it on Res.