Our first Group C match features a giant of the European pop game up against a relative newcomer. Play or download the songs right here and click below the cut for polls, managerial comment, analysis and previews!

FRANCE: Jodie Foster – “La Vie C’Est Chouette”

The manager says: “Like St Etiennes green kit in the 70s, we are seeking glory through brightness and confusion. Just as green signifies hope and the joys of spring, so Jodie entrances the masses with a siren song of hope. And demented lunacy. No, we don’t know what she’s on about, but this is a stylistic Round 1 effort, as sugary as a Latte on the Left Bank.

You haven’t even noticed while you were listening, we shot you a haughty glance and mocked your fashion yet have you? Vive La France!”

Our analyst says: The lone striker may be more familiar to followers of other sports, but the rest of this outfit are certainly French, with a languid passing style reminiscent of an earlier era. Are these nostalgic tactics really suited for the modern game, though? And can the glamorous star up front stick it in the net?

ROMANIA: Crush & Alexander Ungureanu – “Hello”

The manager says: “After my surprise call up by the Romanian Pop Association I was nervous about what to expect given their lack of experience in playing at this level. I shouldn’t have worried though – on arrival here in sunny Bucharest I soon realised I was spoilt for choice by the array of talent on display in the domestic league. The players may lack the experience and sophistication of our French rivals, but I’m hoping that Alexandra’s youthful enthusiasm and raw talent will be enough to catch the over-confident French off-guard. De?teapt?-te, Române!”

Our analyst says: No sneaky gauloises behind the medical centre for this lot – Romania are fielding a fearsomely well-drilled team and playing a very direct game. The glassy-eyed bulk of the formidable defensive line suggest that their former Soviet ‘dieticians’ have been earning their pay well, but while Romanian fitness levels are not in doubt you wonder if a lack of flair will tell against them.

HOW TO VOTE: Listen to the songs. Pick the one you like best! You have six days to do this – poll closes next Thursday.

France v Romania: Which Do You Prefer? [ballot]

  • Romania: Crush & Alexander Ungureanu 55%
  • France: Jodie Foster 45%

Total Voters: 20

Poll closes: 3 Apr 2008 @ 10:00

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COMING NEXT: Two new managers go head-to-head, both with serious on-paper pedigree. Holland lost no time in removing their former manager after his long-bosh game saw them fail to progress in the Pop World Cup: they’ve turned to Doctor Mod, who boasts an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Dutch leagues. Meanwhile Matt DC, a well-respected commentator and analyst of the game, has taken over Italy: the popazzuri are expected to come back strongly after a frankly disasterous Pop World Cup showing. It promises to be an intriguing match.