Sort of a cheat this, but if you’re going to cheat, that’s the title I want to cheat with. This is not just a cover of a French Agatha Christie novel whose title has been changed a few times in the English. It is the cover of a Bande Dessinée adaptation.

Nice 3D name logo which contrasts nicely with the deliberately 2D artwork on the cover. You get the feel of the artwork and the mysterious house aspect of one of Agatha’s most (in) famous mysteries. I have been looking for some foreign Agatha covers after a trip to Geneva presented me with a flea market stall full of French, German and Italian Agatha’s. An entire table of foreign language mysteries. I didn’t buy any of them as a fool and his money in a flea market are easily parted, but online searches for some of them have proved harder than I had thought. Rest assured foreign covers are just as diverse!

This is one of a series of fifteen published by Emmanuel Proust, all of whom can be seen here, including Death On The Nile and The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd. The art on this edition is done by Frank Leclercq and as a bonus, here is one of the pages.The various editions are illustrated by different people, but in a similar flat style (not dissimilar to Kevin O’Neill style in the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen – though with less detail), and here is a page for you to look at.


I have a feeling some of our Agatha fans would be appalled by this version. Me, not so sure. It also gives me an excuse to perhaps look at covers for Agatha DVD’s and even the video games which have been made of her work. And also meant I didn’t have to write the English title of this book!