We’ve barely got our breath back from the Croatia/Austria kick-off and here are their Group B rivals, Germany and Poland. Here are the tracks for you, and under the cut are managerial comment, analysis, match reports and previews.

GERMANY: Alton Miller – “Clouds Are Gone (Henrik Schwartz Remix)”

The manager says: “Contra our reputation, this year the German side is playing with passion and flair. Responsible for the former is an American player of immense distinction who is making a guest appearance on our roster: we have moulded him to fit our style while magnifying his own strengths. Our tactics are heavily string-based, and we have many secret weapons which we will not necessarily reveal at the start of the match. We will overwhelm all opposition.”

Our analyst says: A perhaps controversial team selection for the Germans – Miller is a naturalised American though qualifies under the “remixer granny” rule. Controversial tactics too – this side have a solidity about them and plenty of flair but some commentators have accused them of time-wasting. That won’t matter if they stick the ball in the net today, though.

POLAND: Ania Szarmach – “Silna”

The manager says: “We are Poland. We made our beat with knives. Big shiny knives. Our singer makes every letter sound like the letter z. We are Poland. We invented syllables. Someone else invented R&B. But no-one invited them. We are Poland. We pass. We move. We slaughter. We are Poland. You’re probably gonna vote for whatever techno ish the Germans have put in instead. We do not care. We are Poland.”

Our analyst says: A formidable side, raw but with bags of enthusiasm. There are question marks over the finishing but the midfield have a real eye for the killer through-ball and on a good day their passing game can wrongfoot even the canniest defense.

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Germany vs Poland: Which is the better track? [ballot]

  • POLAND: Ania Szarnach 52%
  • GERMANY: Alton Miller 48%

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COMING NEXT: France made a strong showing at the Pop World Cup and are expected to perform well here under new manager Alyson G – word of mouth suggests she’ll be playing an uptempo game. Their opponents, Romania, are as close as Europop 2008 has to an unknown quantity: manager lockedintheatti has a formidable record in the League Of Pop however, which he’ll be looking to carry over as he enters international management. This Group C opener should be full of surprises – though FIPA officials would not conform the rumour that they had received neither player’s team registration as of writing.

MATCH REPORT: Turkey 1 Portugal 2

A shock win for the Portugese which should delight new manager Greg – most commentators had written them off but this veteran side produced a scintillating display, controlling much of the game with their fluent passing and deep understanding of a well-worn tactical approach. That said, many commentators thought Turkey were unlucky – they played with commitment and aggression, winning an early lead, and should have at least earned a point. The Portugese pegged them back and then took advantage of some naive defending to gracefully slot home a winner. Their win is a strong first step towards qualification: Turkey, meanwhile, will need to regroup before a vital encounter with the Swiss.