On the Lollards show three weeks ago, we promised a poll to let you decide WHICH of the fantastic winnovations we ideated in the PUB FOCUS GROUP would most improve your pub experience. Here, at last, is that poll – please pick your favourite three ideas and we will announce the results on tomorrow’s FINAL SHOW* of Freaky Trigger and the Lollards Of Pop.

Pick the THREE best WINNOVATIONS to improve the pub experience! [ballot]

  • Forced transvestisism in pubs to prevent fighting 21%
  • A boardgame like RISK involving winning table space in a pub 19%
  • Retractable chairs under every pub table 13%
  • Metal tables with a magnet on each glass to hold them in place 12%
  • A glass with a smaller top than bottom to avoid spilling pints (like a decanter) 11%
  • A pub for adult babies serving drinks in sippy cups 7%
  • Pews in pubs 7%
  • Kneeling down in pubs to drink to save chair space 3%
  • Plastic anti-spill trousers available from the condom machine 3%
  • Only serve beer in halves so less gets spilt 2%
  • Sedatives in beer to prevent fighting 2%

Total Voters: 34

Poll closes: 26 Mar 2008 @ 17:30

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*for now – keep an eye on FT for GREAT NEWS for all our listeners.