I could spend some time describing the set-up of ITV’s new series Honest, and then spend a another paragraph telling you some of its stylistic quirks. But why bother when we have TV Maths at hand:



There. Sorted.
What’s that you say? You want me to show my working? Oh OK

Sweary dysfunctional family = Shameless
Dysfunctional family with one good son = Arrested Development
Family of criminals = Shameless
Whip-pan comic flashbacks = Arrested Development
Lots of sex = Shameless
Young female character is making a film = Arrested Development
Annoyed but friendly copper character = Shameless
At end of first episode patriarch ends up in prison = Arrested Development

However though being in At Home With The Braithwaites slot means that despite being chock full of swears and sex it still seems to have to hang around for a bit too long explaining itself, and the gags and writing were not as sharp as either of its two component shows. Indeed the concept (family of criminals go straight) seems to ignore the potential of a FAMILY OF CRIMINALS. Except clearly they are not going to stay straight, what with one of them working for Bert Kwouk’s Triad.

On the plus side: KWOUK = Awesome. The good and bad twins are played by the same bloke which I totally did not get and, hell, anything that’s a bit Arrested Development isn’t all bad. One to tentatively watch one more time.