michael-fish.jpgSo GlastoWeatherWatch has left us a little in the lurch this year (congratulations on your wedding though :)). OK, so there’s Glasto Festival Forecast attempting to fill the gap, but they look like they’ve jumped into bed with THE MAN, how can we have a reliable forecast from just one company, eh, eh???

Having said that netweather.tv are predicting MUCH BETTER weather than the Gibbering Weathermongs (©GWW) over at Metcheck whose forecast dramatically changes every 6 hours or so and, not only that, but who have markedly different forecasts for “Glastonbury” and “Shepton Mallet” (have to click on the 8-13 days forecast)

Of course, the met office are FAR too scientific to predict more than 5 days ahead so can offer mothing more specific than

There is a possibility of the weather gradually becoming more settled from the southwest towards the end of next week. Probably still rather warm in the south at first but temperatures are expected to fall to nearer normal in most areas

Thanks for that then…

Even bbc somerset are hedging their bets (and, eff me, that page took a bit of finding) and Angwin hasn’t made a single prediction yet.

It does look like it’s going to be raining in the vicinity this weekend though, so I shall definitely be packing me wellies…