london2012.jpgSo they have unveiled a new logo for the 2012 Olympic games. Some quatrters are calling this the most significant step since we won the right to host the Limpies two years ago. I would suggest that the plans, the compulsory purchase orders and the endless Evening Standard stories about Council Tax and going over budget are more significant. But this is certainly not a logo that you can ignore.

It takes a bit of getting used to, especially after the previous very clear logo. This one is clearly designed for a multi-media age with its fluro-colours which one assumes probably flash like a graphic from a BBC B computer (Remember the BBC had 16 colours, 8 of which were flashing such as magenta and yellow. Note, flashing does not make it a new colour). If there is one design aesthetic involved here, it can only be that of Myspace.

It is interesting, trying to create a logo which will look current in 2012. It means by definition you have to throw out anything that might look like it might be current NOW. Which is why the Nu-Rave colours are a bit worrying. But factor in Nu-Rave, you are still left with a feeling of Pelican book jackets of the 1960’s which all seem more of an inspiration, especially with the seemingly random shape. One assumes it will jiggle, flash and perhaps morph into a superheroic Decathlete. Or be binned in embarrassment in two years time when the design aesthetic becomes ALL COMIC SANS – ALL THE TIME.