It’s Alright – East 17

I Know – Fiona

Pengeleng – T.O.K.

Make it Hott – Uffie (Crystal Castles remix)

Burka Blue – Burka Band (B. Morgenstern Mix)

Magnets – Digitalism

Rave Dave – Trash Fashion

Minuit Jacuzzi – Tepr (ft. Grand Marnier)

Hot Nuts (Get ‘Em from the Peanut Man) – Lil Johnson
— — — — —

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lesson Zero — one year old today. Woo!

Bit of an odd ‘lesson’ to celebrate this week. There’s new stuff and there’s pop — but what’s new isn’t pop, and what’s pop isn’t new. Not that that matters, we’ve had loads of great new pop over the last few weeks anyway.

However, now it’s time for a break. No podcast next week. The week after you’ll get “Year One — The Megamix” and then we’ll be back with the same mission, to bring some regular top poptimist sounds to you, our loyal FT readers.

Lessons are over though.

Thanks this week to The Songwriter, SteveM, Tom and Grace.