Most discussion I’ve seen about the upcoming His Dark Materials films has focused on the film-makers’ decision to tone down the anti-religious element. This leads to the question of how they’re going to tackle the scenes in the third book where (spoilers ahead) God gets killed by a bunch of goblins. Remembering the third book, though, this doesn’t seem to me the most problematic element. As I remember it, the entire trilogy climaxes (erm) with the universe being saved by two thirteen-year-olds having sex with each other. How are they going to handle that?

(It’s a strange ending because it’s where the “angry response to C S Lewis” element of the trilogy really intrudes.)

(But my question is rhetorical – a symbolic kiss on screen will work as well. The ending of Stephen King’s IT, on the other hand, which is one of the most WTF things I’ve ever read, is surely genuinely unfilmable.)