I got stung! Only the other week I was recalling the era of decoy mp3s. Now listen carefully children – occasionally, back at the turn of the century, the odd illegal download of a new mp3 would be a decoy, or a loop of the intro. Imagine! You wasted those four hours it took to download that 5MB of mp3. “Oo, that hasn’t happened to me in ages” thought not-at-all-superstitious me.

(Of course I don’t download illegal mp3s, never have, but that explanation hadn’t occurred to me before I sat down to write this on a public website.)

ANYWAY. Telly. An episode of current top dramas – a 24, a Lost – weighs in at 350MB these days. And although you can get a lucky torrent that finishes in 30 mins, it’s usually a few hours even now with the internet running on mega-tubes, or whatever it is.

Now 24 has just had its finale and I JUST FELL FOR A DECOY of sorts. (Not that I actually download illegal telly. I’m just writing an entertaining story for you here.) The file, although the right size, just played a still caption telling me I needed a special player and I should download it now. Obv the player will be full of hideous trojan malware that infects your browser and turns your PC into another zombie in the legion spambot army. They haven’t bothered writing one for the Mac. Obv. So saved.

Anyway, Lost finale tonight…