January 2nd may be too soon for some folks to start their year’s pubbing. Not so for a small band of hardy troopers last night – albeit each one having a soft drink infront of them. The conversation took its natural course, and we fell to discussing which five fruits constituted the popular carton-shaped drink Five Alive. Various guesses were made but I can now reveal that the classic flavour quintet is in fact orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime and tangerine. Thrilling! Alas only one of our party guessed correctly, the remainder declaring that Five Alive ‘should have had a theme song, like Um Bongo’, to aid later ingredient recollection. Um Bongo of course is not the national drink of the Congo, a missed opportunity there. It probably isn’t even available in the Congo. Of course, if Libby’s were to venture forth into marketing the drink to either central African republic going by that name or even the entirety of the Congo river basin, the words of the song could be changed to “Um Bongo, Um Bongo, now widely available in the Congo.” Personally I wouldn’t change a thing, as apparently the original Um Bongo theme was sung by Tony Jackson, the singer from Rage! For younger readers Rage got to number 4 in 1992 with a bosh cover of Bryan Adams’ Run To You. Hurrah!