snow_patrol_eyes_open.jpgOn this years Annual Between Christmas And New Year Pub Crawl on the 20th December in the Borough region we saw a poster. A giant, huge poster for Snow Patrol’s Eyes Open saying it was the biggest selling album of 2006. Pshaw, pooh pooh, we pooh-poohed.

Well it was. Eyes Open sold more albums than anything else last year, even the reformed Take That. And its managed to do this by dipping completely below my radar, to the extent that I don’t even get really annoyed by ver Patrol as I might have done with Coldplay. It just seems really bizarre.

Not as bizarre as this little titbit leaked by Popjustice: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol is the best track OF ALL TIME, according to Virgin Radio listeners. You can see the list here and then marvel at the fact that the second best song of ALL TIME is Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls.

How can there be a top 500 peaked by two songs I don’t even know? Have I lost it or is Virgin Radio broadcasting some sort of parallel universe? And can the inhabitants get stuck there like Rose did in Doctor Who. Preferably with Cybermen?