Which means “HOLIDAYS ARE COMING” is coming.

I firmly expect to still be seeing this advert when all the oil has run out and trucks no longer exist, when our Robot overlords wake us up from out human battery state for just one hour every year which they will call Christmas and will show this damned Coca-Cola ad: burning all that power which they now get from our bumhole biomass. There is something evil and insipid about the white-bread, globalisation of a particular kind of Christmas inherent in this ad. Not to mention the infectious (in a bad way*) tune which will jingle down to the marrow leaving you a quivering sugary mess of caffeine powered sap.

You do get to wonder though if, as Coke claim to have popularised (and dressed) Santa Claus, if in years to come the idea of the Christmas Truck will be integrated into yuletide lore.

You can watch it here!

A slightly less picturesque view of the Coca-Cola Truck.

*Can anything be infectious in a good way?