wiiiNot officially announced by Nintendo yet – but MCV reports November release date for the Wii at a launch price of £149! Haw – perhaps I can get the digital camera later then. This is a good £275 (!) cheaper than the (estimated) (put back) PS3 price – and £50 cheaper than the 360 – but nobody cares about the 360, do they?

Can we say PRE-CHRISTMAS RELEASE SCHEDULE EXCITEMENT??? New Zelda! New Trauma Centre using the controller as a scalpel!! (not that I can get past the FOURTH operation on the DS incarnation DAMN THOSE aneurisms)! New Super Smash featuring Mario, Pikachu, Starfox etc… AND Nintendogs! International Cooking Mama! ELEBITS (you play an electricity hunter who busts out on toasters, teapots etc)! And of course, there’ll be a new Wiii Animal Crossing too!

Who else is bustin’!