hmph my final para is very nearly as tricksily coded as the code it aims to decode, so to further murkify i shall just add this…
A. cf marcello’s post abt Pink Floyd below; and
B. where i think Dissensian Disdain for the Pro-Pop Massive (maybe ESPECIALLY in such hugely compromised contexts like this) is at its weakest, is that by gathering so many, they really do enable a huge amount of unscripted off-radar interaction (haha and intra-action) among and betweern the Mini-Tribes of the Gathered. ie DDPPM (cf also B.Watson on S.Reynolds maybe) inkorrektly assumes that the alienation and stultification (genuinely) felt by its OWN Hyper-Atomised Kommunist Mikro-Kollectiv is i. generally felt, and ii. even if general, as Kripplingly experienced outside that Kollectiv as within it

to cite sting adorno playschool’s Big Ted, the problem w.the message in a bottle (aka sulking in yr tent, homer fans) is that when it arrives, everyone it’s addressed to is dead and succeeding generations have solved most of the urgent problems some other, unexpected way

big ted sez: “culture is possible even after auschwitz kids!!”