i. i meant to blog abt this an age ago (hopkin crazyfrog will back me up) but wz in shropshire last year and away from all computers when i discovered it (ie by the method of Watchin Telly) and forgot when i got back
ii. anyway it sorta kinda came up again in the st.et progs-abt-pop season at the BarbieCan, the one abt brit osmond-wannabe weenyboppers (=”twinkle twinkle little star”) (“Your search – ‘darren burne’ pop sensation – did not match any documents.”)
iii. which featured among others legendary song-plugger eric hall
iv. which reminded ME that i had not informed YOU that channel five had claimed that the song Killer Queen was written by F.Mercury abt E.Hall, who he had a monster erm massive crush on!!
v. meanwhile in unnerving news, the only person who made ANY SENSE WHATEVER in the twinkle doc = the young-ish jonathan king