Lambrini is the tipple of choice round here at Pumpkin Towers. There is nothing we like better then kicking of our imitation Jimmy Choos and throwing back with a couple of girlfriends and knocking back a bottle of Council Estate Cristal. So how excited were we when we hear we could be the face of Lambrini 2005. Let us all enter the competition at That said it seems to be a travesty that there is no London audition, I can’t beleive they think that all the classy Lambrini girls live up north.

The site has lots and lots of info for girls like us too. The Lambrini Girl Guides is not a fun gathering for underage drinks but rather a helpful set of hints on how to enjoy ourselves and other things we might need to know about if we are in the pub. For example, from the Lambrini Girl Guide To Cocktails comes this classic which I swear I saw Samantha in Sex In the City swig once:

Lambrini Blue:
Simplicity in a glass – 1 splash of Blue Curacao in flute topped with chilled Lambrini. NB Cherry goes a fab purple colour.

Hold up: since when have they been doing Cherry Lambrini! Alcohol heaven…

(I’m saving Lambrini Cream for a later date)