Quick recap: Freaky Trigger has launched a fundraising appeal for Exeter City Football Club, ‘wittily’ titled Grecian Earn. Part of the fundraising involves anonymous benefactors giving me their unwanted indie CDs for me to put beyond their use by means of eBay. I was expecting to get a load of terrible old rubbish for the Amnesty but these next records strike me as i) quite saleable and ii) rather good, in fact I own and enjoy both of them myself.

Doomed troubadour (also not strictly indie)
Sadly missed group of funsters

This one meanwhile isn’t ‘my kind of thing’ but is definitely a ‘name artist’:

Zen master of drill n bass

And finally for reasons we won’t go into some not-at-all-indie CDs have made their way to me to be put on sale too. This one is a classic and if you don’t have it already you surely should.

I still maintain it’s better than the follow-up

All money raised goes to the Grecian Earn fund, currently standing at £62 or so (target £500 by next August so we’re doing pretty well). There will be updates on the Amnesty here and on the fund as a whole on TMFD. Current Amnesty record-holder is a Billy Bragg CD that went for £4.61, good work Billy.