Rick James RIP — yeah, yeah, cocaine, Chappelle, what did the hand say etc. etc. etc.

What matters for me at least:

Me at 10: “What the…’coming home intoxicated?’…what a weird line. I like this song.”

Me at 11: *hears ‘Super Freak’ on the radio and it is just so great that it’s indescribable*

Me at 19: “Well cripes, every time I sing the song now I have MC Hammer in my head.”

Me in later years: “Oh, that was “*Temptations* sing” at the end of the song, and those were the Temptations. That’s cool. This double-disc collection is great, how come I didn’t get any of his stuff earlier?”

Me now: “Damn, man. RIP.”

And I’ll leave it at that.