702 – “I Still Love You”


“I Still Love You” still makes me float after at least 100 plays. It’s like Kool & the Gang’s “Summer Madness” that way – it’s a romantic song that I will forever associate with summer. I like the way you and Chad didn’t try to make that primary synthetic string bit sound anything like a string section. The handclaps are so crucial, and the simple bass-drum pattern hits me square in the chest. I’d be surprised if the song took more than ten minutes to write. I have yet to see a video for it, but I’ve become attached to this vision of Irish, Kameelah and LeMishah fluttering through a showery meadow with a rainbow above. Their heads are their heads but they have butterfly bodies. You are a bumblebee with a Pharrell head. Rabbits thump their hind legs on drums held up by big grasshoppers. Squirrels play stringed instruments with their tails.

One question though: How can you decide that you love someone? That line basically ruined the song for a couple of my friends.

PS1: I wonder what the chorus of frat boys sounded like when they were singing along to “Frontin'” when you were on Jimmy Kimmel the other night. They weren’t really trying to pull off the falsetto, were they? I know they looked funny.

PS2: I need my Rush bootleg back.