Last Thursday evening I saw the trailer for the five-part Matthew Barney art flick The Cremaster Cycle. I’d heard a little bit about this series, caught the few last words at the end of one or two conversations. Little Adam said, “like a music video.” Guy-with-stained-shirt relayed some of the imagery: bizarre phallic objects, vaseline sculptures, testicular muscles.

After I saw the trailer I had to see The Cremaster Cycle. Just those thirty seconds of sneak-preview reminded me of the strange sort of images that seem to dissolve after waking from an unworldly dream. Friday afternoon I spent about two hours googling its ass, reading not-so-great reviews, watching the trailer (again), and viewing still images from every installment.

Cremaster Cycle was not the best film I saw this weekend. The remake of Freaky Friday was far superior.