Futurism seekers look away — this is a lovers’ jam with sticky-tape and eggbox backing. Not that it won’t get you moving — the ‘Grippas’ rhythm Rupee rides bumps most addictively — but its cheapo vibe (those synth flourishes are pure Argos) is surely what’s preventing it getting picked up on by the Shaggys of this world and reversioned into a Summer monster. Maybe it works better on a smaller scale, though — Rupee is MCing a party and wants to touch every woman on the dancefloor, which is corny but not as corny as if the dance was stadium-size. Even so it could just be a groper’s charter (maybe it’s best that it isn’t a hit!) but Rupee’s voice has a kind of shy innocence that lets him skip the loverman patter and make a sweet tune soar.