Here is a poll by which you can help me choose which tracks to play at Wednesday night’s FREAKY TRIGGER CLUB NIGHT (see front page for details). Vote for any you would like to hear, if you’re coming, and any you’d like to inflict on others, if you aren’t. The top choice will definitely be played, the next few might.

Freaky Trigger Interactive Disco!

What tracks should I play at Club Freaky Trigger on Wednesday night?

Beyonce feat Jay Z – Crazy In Love
Dannii Minogue – Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling
Sean Paul – Get Busy
R Kelly feat Big Tigger – Snake
Tatu – How Soon Is Now
Vitamin C – Last Nite
S Club 8 – Fool No More
Blu Cantrell feat Sean Paul – Breathe
Coldplay – Clocks (Frenchbloke Remix)
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