NOT POP-EYE 22/6/03

Evanescence are still number one. What does this mean? Well first of all it means that lovers of novelty singles will be disappointed. The Fast Food Rockers (its a bit of fun, we’re actually pro-healthy eating) and their garish outfits don’t get to tell their grandchildren that they were number one in a somewhat embaressed way in forty years time. If you were in the Wombles do you crow about your number one? You’ll certainly never forget.

The other key thing about Evanescence being number one is that this year has remarkably slow on turnaround for number ones. We’ve only had nine number ones this year, and we are almost halfway there, and there is no strong competition to knock the moody goth rockers of the top. Which is no great shakes – plenty of people have tried to make the rock-rap-chick crossover work, but Back To Life is the only time it has really come good. I’ve still got good money on them being one hit wonders (or at least to have a pretty lacklustre follow-up), but oddly its a song I don’t tire of hearing. Yet.