Expertise – is the first of three new pieces on Freaky Trigger, talking about hip-hop and football and writing and, well, stuff. It’s joined by Ronan’s review of Jon Carter’s Totally Bugged Out mix CD, and by my look at Talking Heads’ ‘African trilogy’ – a piece written originally for Papercuts magazine about eighteen months ago.

Also, from the archives:
David Sim reviewing 69 Love Songs
– me reviewing Robert Crumb’s That’s What I Call Sweet Music (one of my favourite pieces from the early FT)
– me talking about Fight Club

There’s lots of stuff coming up in July – another C90Go, the Focus Group, hopefully a few more pieces by me, and The Jubilee Stuff, a state-of-the-nation address by none other than The Pinefox. But for now I’m off to Glastonbury – have a good weekend!