What is a summer record? Obviously having a release date around June coinciding with the one sunny week we have had here in the UK helps, but what is that magical ingredient that make “Walking On Sunshine”, “Echo Beach” or “Summertime” so evocative. Ok, actually it isn’t rocket science. Talk about summer or summer associated things in the song. Meld that with something a bit upbeat, but perhaps a touch laid back and frankly you should have it made. Which is where Athlete come in. “You’ve Got The Style” is not far from a note to note remake of their previous single “Rockscene”, which was interesting in as much as its drum machine patterns and lacksiadaisical lyrics marked out as not being part of the rockscene it talked about. A sort of less together London based Gomez, this is the kind of jam along stuff which sounds pretty lazy and certainly contains one of the worse rhyming couplets to hit pop this year: “Oh, its getting hot in here/ Must be something in the atmosphere”. And yet it talks about summer (British summer in particular), its laziness is actually an asset and has a canny way of surprising you with key changes, mumblings and a chorus which – when it can be arsed to come in – works a treat. All of this is a round about way of saying that this ramshackle singalong is for me this years summer song. If only they had not tried to rhyme “about it” with “climate”.