By Prince Far I and the Singers and Players. Not that I know anything at all about this reggae nonce sense (not even as much as Tom, whose excellent article on reggae you should go and read on FT) but I KNOW WOT I LIKE! And I like stories about preachers. You’ve got ASWADS version of ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ for a start! Not many people know of this track but that’s because it’s TOO GRATE. Ahem. Prince Far I here tells a story of a flying preacher. Called Bedward. Who falls and BREAKS HIS NECK! As a goth in practice this sort of ‘danse macabre’ is wot I look for in my popular beat music. Anyway. The most important thing is that on this track Prince Far I proves himself to be the Jamaican Mark E. Smith. His intonation, the playful subject matter and yet the underlying SCARINESS all make this all I need to know about reggae. Also the fact that Singers and Players released an album called ‘War of Words’ which is an OBVIOUS tribute to ‘War of the Worlds’.