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Pop World Cup – Find Us On Resonance FM 104.4
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Fans of the Radio Roundup, do not despair – we haven’t gone away entirely, we’re just moving to Resonance FM 104.4 on Saturdays at 4pm, where we’ll be covering the matches currently in progress instead of giving you results on[…]

Pop World Cup – Radio Roundup 8
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Special DPRK adjutant liaison Mark Sinker again joins Peter Baran and Roger Bozack in PWC2010’s luxurious control suite, this time for some surprising results from the Group H matches between Switzerland and Spain and Chile and Honduras. Junipe[…]

Pop World Cup – Radio Roundup 7
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First-round Group G results here as Roger Bozack returns to the booth with Peter Baran and special deputy ambassador Mark Sinker to discuss all the high and lowlights. Despite a temporary hostage situation order is restored at halftime of DPRK vs Bra[…]

Pop World Cup – Radio Roundup 4
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Group D sees our first taste of scandal as Peter Baran questions the ancestral authenticity of the German entry, Heinz, whose fuzzy guitar rock paces Australia’s Sneaky Sound System step for step. And drugs – they aren’t unknown on […]


I Barely Knew ‘im!
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Cam Gigandet (did I stutter?) started out as a young hunk on the Young and the Restless, moved on to playing a young hunk on the OC, kicked off his movie career as young hunk James in Twilight, and now turns up as a young hunk with blindingly white […]

Pop World Cup – Radio Roundup 3
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The Group of Death! Or is it? After an inconclusive start to the Group B battle, Peter Baran (doing double duty as manager of Team USA) and Roger Bozack are joined in the booth by the manager of the Slovenian side, Kat Stevens, as we take in all the […]

Pop World Cup – Radio Roundup 2
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Peter Baran and Roger Bozack re-ensconce themselves in the booth with all the action and results from Group B’s first round of matches – Argentina v Nigeria and Greece v South Korea. We hear from Giorgios Mais, 4Minute, Entre Rios, and D&[…]


A Drinker’s Infographic
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Yesterday’s long overdue unveiling of the Pumpkin Publog’s favoured list of friends – friends who unfailingly keep our fettles fine on these February nights – let’s not speak of the mornings – prompted a bit of &#8[…]

Friends of Pumpkin Publog: Roll of Honour
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Ms Bomba Dear
Linda N. Pride
Sadie R. Madillo
Ruby Port
Gwen Ness
Milla K. Stout
Jean Ann Tonick
Moll D. Wain
P!nk Clove
Stella R. Twah
Graeme de Menthe
Rick Card
Pierre Noe
Yes I’m afraid there is (more…)[…]

Pop World Cup – Radio Roundup 1
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Oh Lordy! It’s Peter Baran and Roger Bozack in the studio with a complete half-hour recap – including songs – of the tournament results so far. Which at this point means Group A. Los Shakers, Pitch Black Afro, Café Tacuba, and […]


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