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Pop World Cup 2010: Group D – Australia 1 Germany 1
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Group D’s second match sees Andrew Hickey’s Germany side take on Chris Burlingame’s Australia. Germany have a chequered recent record at this level but they’ll be expecting to get out of the group stage. The Poperoos will be l[…]


A Drinker’s Infographic
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Yesterday’s long overdue unveiling of the Pumpkin Publog’s favoured list of friends – friends who unfailingly keep our fettles fine on these February nights – let’s not speak of the mornings – prompted a bit of &#8[…]

Friends of Pumpkin Publog: Roll of Honour
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Ms Bomba Dear
Linda N. Pride
Sadie R. Madillo
Ruby Port
Gwen Ness
Milla K. Stout
Jean Ann Tonick
Moll D. Wain
P!nk Clove
Stella R. Twah
Graeme de Menthe
Rick Card
Pierre Noe
Yes I’m afraid there is (more…)[…]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group D – Ghana 3 Serbia 0
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A quick check of the FIFA site says I’ve been promoting the Group D clashes in the wrong order – so today it’s Serbia taking on Ghana in the group opener. Ghana are managed by Ben Graham, and Serbia‘s gaffer is Tim Emanuel. Bo[…]


Comics: A Beginners’ Guide: Girls’ Comics
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I neglected comics aimed at girls when I wrote the first 25 parts of this series. I’m male, and I read few comics for girls when I was young. I have had some entertainment looking back later, from the extraordinary extremes they went to to tort[…]


Golden Cross, Cotherstone (cheesy lovers #70 & #71)
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Golden Cross
A raw-milk goat’s cheese, made in East Sussex and bought from Neal’s Yard Dairy
This is a white log, covered in a soft and fuzzy white mould. Slicing through, underneath the thin furry covering is an even thinner line of dark[…]

Pop World Cup – Radio Roundup 1
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Oh Lordy! It’s Peter Baran and Roger Bozack in the studio with a complete half-hour recap – including songs – of the tournament results so far. Which at this point means Group A. Los Shakers, Pitch Black Afro, Café Tacuba, and […]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group C – Algeria 2 Slovenia 1
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With much of the attention on the England/USA clash, Group C’s second opening game is a fantastic opportunity for Algeria and Slovenia to make a strong opening to their campaign. Algeria is managed by Martin Skidmore, and Slovenia by veteran po[…]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group C – England 0 USA 2
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The biggest match of the first round of group games? Two pop behemoths face off – England managed by Bec, USA by Europop 2008 victor Pete Baran. (So that’s England managed by an American and the US managed by a Brit, yes.) A pulsating pop[…]

certain constants
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Farbeit for me to claim to be Freakytrigger’s fashion correspondent but society has yet to accept my naked form as something appropriate to see on the street and so inevitably, I am driven unto clothing retail outlets all too often. On Saturday[…]


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