With much of the attention on the England/USA clash, Group C’s second opening game is a fantastic opportunity for Algeria and Slovenia to make a strong opening to their campaign. Algeria is managed by Martin Skidmore, and Slovenia by veteran pop manager Kat Stevens.

Vote away! This match closes at midnight on February 22nd.

ALGERIA: Chaba Zahouania – “Sahr Liyali” The manager says – “This beautiful rai track, translated as ‘Nights Without Sleeping’ or ‘Going Out Every Night’, is an old favourite of mine. It’s a bit of a grower, so a risky pick, but I hope its loveliness will capture some hearts.”

SLOVENIA: Tinkara – “Ujeti Svet” The manager says – “After a last minute injury, Slovenia’s star player was forced to WITHDRAW until their kickdrum healed, throwing the team’s tactics into disarray. However one woman stepped into the breach wielding her flute aloft, her tales of internet romance spanning both the language divide and our hearts: Viva Tinkara!”

Group C Match 2: Which track did you like better? [ballot]

  • Algeria: Chaba Zahouania 62%
  • Slovenia: Tinkara 38%

Total Voters: 69

Poll closes: 22 Feb 2010 @ 23:59

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Commentary Box Analysis: “Bewitching movement and passing from the Algerian side, but do they have a plan B I wonder – hard to see them switching it up a gear if they need to. Slovenia are sloppier but more direct: a lot will depend on how their strikers are in front of goal.”

Results: France 2 Uruguay 3 A pulsating game watched by a record crowd – Uruguay took an early lead and never really looked like relinquishing it despite a fierce France fightback. “Uruguay are using old-fashioned tactics but are by no means conservative. They keep it tight, focussed and direct and crucially know where the goal is – “we want you to dance… all night long!”” “Fancy tricks from the French who seem to have their act together but are they hitting enough shots on target?” “Whoops, last minute – the French autotune puts it into its own net. Shot of Serge Gainsbourg and Zinedine Zidane sat in the posh seats, muttering gravely to each other.”

Coming Up! Group D on Thursday and Friday – first of all Germany take on Australia, and then Ghana’s opening game pits them against Serbia.