Group D’s second match sees Andrew Hickey’s Germany side take on Chris Burlingame’s Australia. Germany have a chequered recent record at this level but they’ll be expecting to get out of the group stage. The Poperoos will be looking to improve on their group stage exit in 2006.

Anyone can vote – a team needs 58% or more to win – and the match will end at midnight on the 25th.

AUSTRALIA: Sneaky Sound System – “Pictures” The manager says: “This is a deliriously addictive dance song with a big hook, catchy chorus, feel-good lyrics and an easy-to-dance-to beat – really, it’s everything great disco should strive for and it should get people dancing all over the world. A fixture in Sydney’s tabloids before they ever released an album and known for their party antics, Sneaky Sound System has always been committed to a good time, but the talent exhibited in their music (especially here in “Pictures”) reveal an act that is naturally gifted and their boatload of ARIA awards and nominations confirm that these overacheivers might throw the biggest party in Australia, but everyone else is invited too.”

GERMANY: Heinz – “Questions I Can’t Answer” The manager says: “While Germany has a solid record when it comes to *rock* and electronic music, its *pop* credentials are far less obvious, stretching little further than Nena and Kraftwerk. However, Heinz Henry Georg Schwartze, or Heinz as he was known, was an exception, his short run of great singles produced by Joe Meek *just* qualifying. Questions I Can’t Answer, taking a standard I-IV-V formation and doing something a little different with it, is his finest moment…”

Group D Match 2: Which track did you prefer? [ballot]

  • Germany: Heinz 52%
  • Australia: Sneaky Sound System 48%

Total Voters: 82

Poll closes: 25 Feb 2010 @ 23:59

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Commentary Box Analysis: “The Australians have put out a direct, physical side – and indeed so have the Germans. Not the first time we’ve seen tactics harking back to the 60s at this tournament – it worked for Uruguay, will Germany enjoy the same luck?”

Results: Argentina 2 Nigeria 2 Honours even in a compelling, dramatic game which neither side deserved to lose. “Very light on their feet these Argies and playing a minimal precise game. Not an approach from them I’ve seen before so intrigued with how they will develop. Nigeria have perhaps been more predictable but if it ain’t broke why fix it” “The Argentines lull you and suddenly catch you off balance. The Nigerians in contrast run back and forth in front of what the naive might call “the Cyndi Lauper” gambit.” “The Nigerian entry is pretty much all chorus.”

Coming Up! Next week we have Group E – Holland v Denmark on Monday and then Cameroon take on Japan on Tuesday.