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Zombie Taps Corgan for Ramone CD

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Zombie Taps Corgan for Ramone CD: Okay, so now we can add Billy Corgan to the roster of the Ramones tribute album along with Marylin Manson, Static-X, Motorhead, The Offspring, Green Day, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rob Zombie and Eddie Vedder. Zombie is still awaiting confirmation from Bruce Springsteen, Joe Strummer and U2.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think that my aural equivalent of pure, unadulterated hell is just on the verge of realization!

Pete’s being overly harsh

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Pete’s being overly harsh about the George (and the Market Porter for that matter). The George is a fabulous-looking pub and serves fine beer. I agree that the service leaves a good deal to be desired when the place is busy, and I’ve never eaten there. But the place is best thought of as a big, moderately touristy, City boozer, and the prices are in line with that, as is the mode of service: they just let you get on with it. That’s no excuse for a lack of attentiveness to customers’ lemon requirements, of course. Notwithstanding the ventilation in the little room we took over, I think it’s surprisingly comfortable: it needs to get very full before there’s nowhere to lounge.

The George is by no means my favourite London pub (in fact, there are several I prefer within quarter of a mile of its HM Prison Slade portals) but it’s a long, long way from a bad boozer. What’s more, it’s unique in being a surviving galleried coaching inn. More important, it’s unusual in that it can accommodate quite large groups of drinkers while remaining usable for others and retaining real character along the way.

Apparently the Brits were an embarrassment.

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Apparently the Brits were an embarrassment. Especially that bit at the end when the old fella did a Half Monty and pranced around the stage. Oh – its Sting who said it was an embarrassment, well I would certainly be embarrassed if I was him. Only click on the link if you have a strong constitution.

There is no need for Sting ever to go to the Brits again anyway. He has won the lifetime achievement award twice now (for The Police and solo) which surely should be read as a big fat hint. You have achieved in your lifetime. Now stop it and leave us all alone.

THE GEORGE – Borough High Street

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THE GEORGE – Borough High Street

“Hello: I’m a London pub guide – would you mind if I fawn over you?” An imaginary conversation held twixt The George and every bloody pub guide out there. Why? Well undeniably the George holds many attractions to the writer of the Trad pub guide. It is very old. It has loads of poky rooms, nooks and crannies. It is undeniably popular (though being popular with the rougher type of Millwall fans is not necessarily a plus point). It serves a nice pint of Timothy Taylors Landlord Bitter.


Because someone has to say it. The George has rested on its laurels for too long. Surly and not very good staff greeted me on Saturday night. A big bucket of lemons provided for the spirit drinkers which we constantly had to prompt for. Prices way above average and spills which did not get mopped up. The cosy little room nearest the courtyards entrance had its quaint but quite useless bar window in the cold I had to go to get my rounds in. Said quaint room had no ventilation and even smokers were coughing. Whilst our very large party had dominion over this room we never really felt comfortable – darkness and tight seats prevailed.

The George has been and possibly again will be a very nice pub. But the publog has to dissent from the typical fawning. Yes in the summer the courtyard is nice and crowded, and in the winter it has the cosiness of a very old building. But it feels like all the humanity has been ripped out of the place. Get some good staff in and start thinking about your customers. Or turn into the equally unpleasant Market Porter over the road.


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Welcome True Believers to the most astounding story you have ever heard. Marvel at a story so unbelieveable we had to commit it to a com-pu-tah to lend it credibility. Yes, this is the story of four ordinary Essex lads from the late eighties who – on a journey in their experimental pop rocket – were hit by cosmic “credibility” rays and found themselves transformed into the most astonishing team of heroes ever. Fighting for truth, justice and a somewhat sulky indie-copycatists way, they became : THE FANTASTIC BLUR: The World’s Greatest Comic Band!

Featuring Damon Albarn – Mr Fantastic: The brains behind The Fantastic Blur, an inventor of tricky crafty machines to nick other peoples ideas and tunes and present them as his own. His powers included going out with someone from Elastica for a bit – at which point he was nicknamed as Elasticaman – and probably wrote all their songs for them. These days he is able to morph into a Gorrilla at will.

Alex James – The Human Fag: The cool, laid back member of the Fantastic Blur he nevertheless is great in a scrap as he knows Keith Allen. Has the power to constantly smoke a fag, and if the situation is extremely dire, accidentally set fire to his floppy fringe with the exclaimation “Fag On”.

Graham Coxon: The Invisible Gurl: The shy, retiring – hold up is he even there member of the band with the incredible power to never be noticed. Annoyed that his power would kick in without his volition, Coxon has attempted to spin off from The Fantastic Blur and become a hero on his own. Now nobody notices him at all. Also has the ability to create an invisible force field which stops anyone going near him. He calls this his personality.

Dave Rowntree: The Thing At The Back. Mutated beyond belief this ginger monstrosity lurks at the back of the band to horrific for words. Or even interest.

Mr (He Thinks He’s) Fantastic, The Human Fag, The Invisible Gurl and The Thing – together for the first time in one band! Come with me True Believer, learn of The Fantastic Blur’s legendary battles for the honour and integrity of Britain Independent Music and their seemingly neverending fight against arch-nemeses, The Frightfully Dull Five (led the Dr Doom of Darsbury Noel Gallagher). Thrill at how all their records sound like someone elses – from The Small Faces through to The Spirit(ulalized). Fall asleep as they release yet another experimental album full of dirges like No Distance Left To Run. Wish that their comic – and hence career – would be cancelled. The Fantastic Blur, the only fantastic thing about them is that people have been buying their records for so long. Truly fantastic.


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NME honours OLD PUNKISTS for duties towards gobbing. World continues to spin, I fail to care. Warning: the face of old punxx0r MINGS. Do not look if you are about to eat yore lunch. For a minute I mixed up Nick Kent with Nick Kershaw. I wish I had been right.

They left out the bit about the plastic glasses:

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They left out the bit about the plastic glasses: “As a style label indie is not particularly useful, although it does carry connotations of sensitive, somewhat introspective personas who generally lack strong vocal projection.”—Grove Music Guide.

DUEL 2002! Round 1 Match 2

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DUEL 2002! Round 1 Match 2

Yesterday’s Result: Creed: 87% – Ash: 13%. CREED WIN.

An overwhelming victory for the American God-botherers, whose winning margin must surely make them early favourites to go all the way (except the Bible forbids that sort of malarkey). But how will they manage against tougher nuts than Ash, whose reputation escapes relatively intact? Today’s match, meanwhile, features two heavyweights who might give Creed a tussle. Pete B introduces:

“There was a time when Metal was all about long hair, Satanism and really rubbish guitar tunes. But now all of that has changed, metal is about piercing, hating your parents and really rubbish guitar tunes. See, all brand spanking Nu. And the Nu-est of the Nu are Limp Bizkit – who at least retain the old metal affectation of spelling words wrong. At least that is what you originally think until you see their front man Fred Durst – then you realise that maybe they just spelt it wrong because they are stupid. Its their way or the Duel superhighway – vote for them and send them Rollin’ into the next round.

However they face very stern and tough opposition from the arch-miserablists Radiohead. But wait – you say – they are no longer the suicide kings with their happy, experimental albums Kid A and Amnesiac. Thom and his band of poshos can’t fool the Duel audience though. Slapping one track which sounds like the Aphex Twin on a record does not turn it into a Chas’n’Dave knees-up. Are Radiohead the worst band in the world – they certainly had the least effective re-invention.”

Duel 2002 Round 1 Match 2

Which Of These Two Bands Is WORSE?
Limp Bizkit

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(I’ve enabled comments on this poll – we’ll see how that works…)


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Bootylicious! – this fucker took me until 3 AM to finish so I hope you like it! (OK, you can hate it if you want). Blockbuster article on bootlegs, by me, and this week’s sole FT update most likely.