THE GEORGE – Borough High Street

“Hello: I’m a London pub guide – would you mind if I fawn over you?” An imaginary conversation held twixt The George and every bloody pub guide out there. Why? Well undeniably the George holds many attractions to the writer of the Trad pub guide. It is very old. It has loads of poky rooms, nooks and crannies. It is undeniably popular (though being popular with the rougher type of Millwall fans is not necessarily a plus point). It serves a nice pint of Timothy Taylors Landlord Bitter.


Because someone has to say it. The George has rested on its laurels for too long. Surly and not very good staff greeted me on Saturday night. A big bucket of lemons provided for the spirit drinkers which we constantly had to prompt for. Prices way above average and spills which did not get mopped up. The cosy little room nearest the courtyards entrance had its quaint but quite useless bar window in the cold I had to go to get my rounds in. Said quaint room had no ventilation and even smokers were coughing. Whilst our very large party had dominion over this room we never really felt comfortable – darkness and tight seats prevailed.

The George has been and possibly again will be a very nice pub. But the publog has to dissent from the typical fawning. Yes in the summer the courtyard is nice and crowded, and in the winter it has the cosiness of a very old building. But it feels like all the humanity has been ripped out of the place. Get some good staff in and start thinking about your customers. Or turn into the equally unpleasant Market Porter over the road.