DUEL 2002! Round 1 Match 2

Yesterday’s Result: Creed: 87% – Ash: 13%. CREED WIN.

An overwhelming victory for the American God-botherers, whose winning margin must surely make them early favourites to go all the way (except the Bible forbids that sort of malarkey). But how will they manage against tougher nuts than Ash, whose reputation escapes relatively intact? Today’s match, meanwhile, features two heavyweights who might give Creed a tussle. Pete B introduces:

“There was a time when Metal was all about long hair, Satanism and really rubbish guitar tunes. But now all of that has changed, metal is about piercing, hating your parents and really rubbish guitar tunes. See, all brand spanking Nu. And the Nu-est of the Nu are Limp Bizkit – who at least retain the old metal affectation of spelling words wrong. At least that is what you originally think until you see their front man Fred Durst – then you realise that maybe they just spelt it wrong because they are stupid. Its their way or the Duel superhighway – vote for them and send them Rollin’ into the next round.

However they face very stern and tough opposition from the arch-miserablists Radiohead. But wait – you say – they are no longer the suicide kings with their happy, experimental albums Kid A and Amnesiac. Thom and his band of poshos can’t fool the Duel audience though. Slapping one track which sounds like the Aphex Twin on a record does not turn it into a Chas’n’Dave knees-up. Are Radiohead the worst band in the world – they certainly had the least effective re-invention.”

Duel 2002 Round 1 Match 2

Which Of These Two Bands Is WORSE?
Limp Bizkit

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