Jul 04

Mannequin 2:

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Mannequin 2: Department Store Boogaloo!!!

Has anyone EVER seen this film? I speak as a fan of the original film Mannequin, with the young Kim Cattrall being imprisoned as a shop dummy, awakened only by the love of a young window-dressing scrote for some inexplicable chuffin’ reason. My actual reason for liking it is because I really love the idea of being able to play in a huge department store at night by myself – a plot line nicked on DAWSONS CREEK a while back actually – I believe they get locked in a K-Mart or something in their best clothes and they eat sweets and watch Romeo & Juliet and have a bonk in the camping department or something, but anyway, wouldn’t it be cool?

But does it need a SEQUEL!? (Haha it also stars the original BUFFY!!)

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