Okay, I must admit I did not expect this when I idlely googled Monkey Testing. It is a bit of a let-down really, where are the shaven, rage infested gibbons of the movies. Instead a rather dull defense of random testing of software.

What stood out though was this version of a “popular aphorism”

Six monkeys pounding on six typewriters at random

for a million years will recreate all the works of Isaac Asimov.

Now I am not sure where the six came from. I always remember my enemy infinity stumbling into this one somehow. And Shakespeare. But perhaps because Shakespeare is more complex than Asimov. After all one monkey, pounding for about three days would probably come up with the rubbish three laws of robotics (which all these writers feel clever for pointing out are rubbish and their essays lined up in a row show that they aren’t all that clever after all).