May 18


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two eps now up of the Rambling Conversation of the Book of the Conference, feat. me and hazel southwell and what sounds like a GIANT bottle of wine which was in fact just normal-sized yes

pod 1: the pilot!
pod 2: uh merry memories of the nme!

plz to let ppl know far and wide, esp.yr wealthy pals and work-chums if yr strapped! it’s been fun to record it and the soundcloud costs and admin (=basically hazel editing it) and will not be a chore if ppl are throwing a tiny bit of money towards it, here: patreon

(the patreon will also go towards me blogging MUCH more regularly, here and at hashtag tashlan: big post on MORRISSEY dropping soon

Plus here is the COVER courtesy SAVAGE PENCIL — this is due out in a month or three!



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    Mark G on 8 May 2018 #

    Looks good!

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