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Jan 09

Who listens to the Watchmen?

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From Douglas Wolk’s Twitter account I snatch the link to the Watchmen soundtrack. Fans of the comic will be disappointed – or perhaps pleased – to note that only a handful of Alan Moore’s chapter-leading musical sources make it in: Warner have for some reason chosen not to opt for the surefire download smash hit that is John Cale’s “Santies”. Leonard Cohen’s battered finances get another boost as “Hallelujah” crops up AGAIN – what it’s soundtracking I dread to think. Otherwise this is heavy on the ‘Nam-era flashbacks and light on modern pop – a sensible choice, since the film’s set in a parallel history so pop in the Watchworld is Not As We Know It. No sign of Pale Horse, though. Perhaps the teaser new track is standing in for them: My Chemical Romance’s version of “Desolation Row” – or, given that it’s 2’59” – three verses of Desolation Row tops.

My 10 Worst Films Of 2008: 2: Silent Light

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I think that my response to putting this at number two will be hordes (two) people telling me how much I don’t get it. Silent Light, by Mexican director (I refuse to call him an auteur) Carlos Reygadas, was critically gushed over this time last year. And its just out in the States and has been critically gushed over there too. And I hated it. I and my companion came out after its ponderous two hours, looked at each other with disgust. My friend had said she wanted, as a New Years resolution, to see more arthouse films. I’ll go see anything, so I was pleased to have a companion. But Silent Light annoyed us into almost swearing off arthouse cinema forever. It certainly makes me wary when reviews use words like majesty, deliberate, transcendentalist (OK that last one should have been a clue). Its not just that Silent Light is dull. I can deal with dull but beautiful, and I cannot argue that there are moments of Silent Light which are breathtakingly beautiful. But its the moments between those two moments (the start and finish) which make up the lions share of this film, and that was a story which just didn’t grab and sort of offended me.


The Strange Death of the UK Charts

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This is a graph – done by anatol_merklich off the Poptimists LiveJournal community, so massive thanks to him – showing the number of new entries in the UK singles chart for each year from 1952 to the present.

Plot graph showing number of UK chart hits per year