From Douglas Wolk’s Twitter account I snatch the link to the Watchmen soundtrack. Fans of the comic will be disappointed – or perhaps pleased – to note that only a handful of Alan Moore’s chapter-leading musical sources make it in: Warner have for some reason chosen not to opt for the surefire download smash hit that is John Cale’s “Santies”. Leonard Cohen’s battered finances get another boost as “Hallelujah” crops up AGAIN – what it’s soundtracking I dread to think. Otherwise this is heavy on the ‘Nam-era flashbacks and light on modern pop – a sensible choice, since the film’s set in a parallel history so pop in the Watchworld is Not As We Know It. No sign of Pale Horse, though. Perhaps the teaser new track is standing in for them: My Chemical Romance’s version of “Desolation Row” – or, given that it’s 2’59” – three verses of Desolation Row tops.