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instant nutritious summer salad for when it’s too muggy to even think
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sistrah doctrah becky taught me this when i left home: maybe she invented it!! i’ll have to ask…
Young spinach leaves
Pine nuts
Tomatos (optional)
Peppers (optional)
Crispy prefried bacon sl[…]


My Exciting Life In ROCK!
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Yes, yes, I know, why not just change the name of the website to New Morrissey Express Freaky Hibbett and be done with it, but just one more, then I’ll shut up for a bit.
In actually two hours time I set off for EDINBURGH where myself and Mr Hi[…]

lunatic food trumps
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so i was in chinatown with T and she was stocking up in the lisle street mini-supermarket and i was really just tagging along, low on cash — and i felt, as i always do in that particular supermarket, that it was incumbent on me to buy something[…]

Comics: A Beginner’s Guide: Modern Humour Strips
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The second half of the 20th Century was far less rich in great humour strips than the first half. Having said that, there were a couple that rank with the best ever.
The only place to start is with what was by far the dominant humour strip of that er[…]

You Best Believe I’m In Luv’ L-U-V-Apostrophe
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Mentioned on the Brotherhood of Man Popular thread were Luv’ (the apostrophe is part of the name, yes) – manufactured Dutch late 70s pop designed to fill the gap in the market left when ABBA got all serious and technical and stopped doing[…]

“I am sorry if this looks petty…”
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Giles Coren, the UK’s Most Important Restaurant Critic, using a thousand words (some of them rude) to hurl his toys right in the faces of Times subs for their ruthless and thoughtless butchering of his precious, precious copy. WON’T SOMEO[…]


Blurzillas, the Olympics and Jet Li’s Piss
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So the BBC have launched their slightly abstruse trailer for the Olympics. It being a two minute summary of Wu Cheng’en’s Journey To The West, better known in the west as MONKEY. The animated two minute trail takes a while to get on to th[…]

Life Imitates Tharg part 374
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Can Electronic Cigarettes Beat The Smoking Ban?
“I think people need to be cautious,” warns Dr Roberta Ferrence, director of the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit. “It’s an unknown.”
“The concern is that the product wi[…]


Comics: A Beginner’s Guide: SF
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I guess the place to start for SF comics, particularly on a British site, is 2000AD. Its title now makes it sound very unlike SF, but it’s been running future adventure stories for decades. It’s never been consistently great, but it&#8217[…]


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The tonal shifts in Mamma Mia are unsettling. The range of acting styles, from mugging through to camp are far broader than any film I have seen in years. The cinematography only occasionally lifts its head above competent and Meryl Streep should nev[…]


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