Mentioned on the Brotherhood of Man Popular thread were Luv’ (the apostrophe is part of the name, yes) – manufactured Dutch late 70s pop designed to fill the gap in the market left when ABBA got all serious and technical and stopped doing songs about King Kong. Unlike the Brotherhood, their stuff – what I’ve heard, anyhow – is generally high-quality light pop without a hint of cynicism. Their songwriters lacked Benny and Bjorn’s sophistication or way with an English phrase but shared their multiple-hooks-for-your-money aesthetic: all these songs have plenty to enjoy.

First up we have perennial favourite “Shoes Off (Boots On)”, a brass-led anthem to going out on the town. Then “Trojan Horse”, an epic of disappointed love with bagpipes, and finally a ‘rocker’ in the form of “Don’t Let Me Down”, with lots of lovely little hooklets along the way.